Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching up

Still hanging out here in Knysna. Catching up on photos from the trip. Bloemfontein for the England v Germany game. This was the last time all four of us were together.

Then I went down to Pietermaritzberg with Justin and stayed with his uncle Steve. We had a great time down there and went on a sweet hike up Sentinel Peak in the Drakensberg. There's also some pictures from a little tourist safari village near Pietermaritzberg.

Justin flew out of Durban on the 1st of July and I got dropped off in Kloof. Kloof is a beautiful area just north of Durban. There's a beautiful gorge in Kloof (Kloof mean gorge in afrikaans) that I got to hike in with some friends. Also had another short trip up to the berg with a couple friends there. I got some nice pictures of the gorge hike.

Then there's a bit of a gap in my picture taking. Didn't get the camera out for the 2nd berg trip unfortunately. Didn't take any pictures in Joburg or George either. But I've got some good ones from here at Farm 119 and my tour of Knysna with the family.

Also in case you didn't catch them, here are the links for my photos of Port Elizabeth, Durban, Mossel Bay, and Cape Town.

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