Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving On

So the World Cup has finally come to a close, schools are back in session(the whole of South Africa took school off during the World Cup) and life continues. Its been a wonderful festive month here in South Africa. Spirits have been high and there has been little besides soccer on the minds of many people. Its also time for my travels to continue!

Since Cape Town I've been up to Bloemfontein for the England v Germany game, back down to the Durban area for a week, and then I returned to Joburg for a few days as well. Its been a fun time filled with World Cup soccer, beaches, great food, and even some hiking. I've had two chances now to get to the Drakensberg range (the 'berg' as they refer to it out here) on the eastern border with Lesotho. It's the largest of the ranges out here in South Africa. While it doesn't compare to the Rockies in scale, it is a beautiful and impressive area. I've also had time to enjoy the gorgeous Kloof gorge just north of Durban and of course the recently improved Durban beach front. Once again lots of wonderful people generously hosting me and showing me around their country!

Now I'm off to George in the Western Cape. It's a place I drove through before, but didn't get a chance to enjoy. Located on South Africa's Garden Route, its a beautiful place with mountains, forests, farms, and lots of beautiful coast line. I'll have about a week to travel around this area before heading a little further west and inland to Ashton, where I'll start working on a nearby farm. This will most likely take me to the end of my South Africa trip. I'll probably either take my flight to London and start traveling around Europe or I'll head up north to Namibia and travel around southern Africa. I have plenty of time to decide.

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